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Nischal Shetty

Nischal Shetty

Committer @Shardeum & Founder at WazirX

Siddharth Menon

Siddharth Menon

Cofounder at Tegro & WazirX

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What is Bandit?

Bandit will be a community-centric brand that will enable and build platforms that will pave the way for a genuinely decentralised future. In addition, we will promote and act as a springboard for INO projects that will help us achieve our common aim.



Community Building
We'll create an open community where anyone may join and help us achieve our goal of making web3 a reality. We will ask some of the important OG's from the web3 field who have previously made real contributions to assist us develop guardrails.


Launch a truly decentralized NFT PFP project
Launch a completely decentralised NFT PFP project that will be the forerunner of the web3 revolution and gain access to community governance powers.


Decentralised INO Platform
Create systems for Web 3.0 that are truly decentralised. The first initiative is to create the world's largest genuinely decentralised INO (Initial NFT offering) platform, which will assist builders in creating a truly decentralised ecosystem by allowing them access to community and community funding!


A decentralization handbook signed by the bandits!


Sandesh B Suvarna

Sandesh B Suvarna

Built India's first & largest NFT marketplace(WazirX NFT). His previous startup 4Five labs has been acquired by WazirX, A Binance company. Sandesh envisions that NFTs have the potential to truly decentralize the Web 3.0.

Nischal Shetty (Investor)

Nischal Shetty (Investor)

Founder of WazirX(A Binance company with a yearly trading volume of $43bn) and a steward of the cryptocurrency industry in India. Nischal aims to bring decentralization to billions of people around the world.


Members of the community will be important in ensuring that the platform is really decentralised. The majority of the ideas will be based on community members' collaboration.

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